XXL Squid in Melbourne



Some monster squid have been harassing bait fish schools in both Port Philip Bay & Western Port Bays lately.

These thumpers are being caught in the normal shallow squid grounds in amongst the ‘normal’ size calamari squid.

Joel Ryan & Andy Donegan caught there of these thug squid on Saturday morning in Western Port bay on the Tyabb bank in 1.5m of water on the weed beds.

As is usually the case with these large aggressive squid they hang in large packs so the action often all comes at once! One was caught on an Evergreen 3.5 jig in Green/Yellow and while that squid was being netted a second and third squid took a dead Yellowtail Scad under a float.

All three were a similar size with the hoods 45cm, and overall length of each squid was 1.2m including the legs!

Each one weighed in at a whopping 2.4kg. There are some even bigger models out there!944606_10151438589590687_1906056814_n