Western Port snapper

While the fishing isn’t the ‘fast and furious’ snapper action you can expect to see in November, the fishing presently in Western Port bay is certainly quality not quantity! Huge fish are being caught around the top end, and eastern sides of WP bay where the shallower waters are a few degrees warmer, allowing the snapper to wake up a little and feed more actively.

While fishing can be slow, and long waits between bites – the quality of the fish at this time of year are worth the effort. The average fish seems to be around the 5-6kg mark, with plenty of fish around 9-12kg caught already on the below GPS marks.

The gun bait at the moment is certainly squid, and we are finding the best results while fishing the squid cut into a ring, and just lightly pinned through the top of the ring, with a single circle. This allows the ring to ‘humm’ in the current, and doesn’t spin.

We are just using a normal WP rig which you can view HERE

Some hot GPS marks to try:

Joes Island:

38.16.505S 145.20.118E




Bluegum Point:

38.22.092S 145.29.929E


Some key tips when fishing during the colder months for big snapper:

-sound fish, sit on them and don’t move!

-sit it out, you may fish two tides before they fire

-fresh bait

-use as light a sinker as you need to hold bottom

-fish reels in free spool or bait runner mode (the bites are very soft)

Andy Donegan with a nice early season snapper taken on the Bluegum point GPS mark