South coast Yellowfin


Ben Donegan pretty happy with his Yellowfin
Ben Donegan pretty happy with his Yellowfin

After a few pretty lean seasons on the south coast, this year we have been lucky enough to see one of the best Yellowfin Tuna bite in years.

Certainly nothing like the stories of the good old days of catching giant Yellowfin at the back of Montague Island, but some decent numbers of fish between 30-90kg showing up all the way from Batemans bay down to Eden.

All fish have been caught along the 2500-4000m line and mostly have been caught on the cube, with a couple of nice fish taking lures.

After watching the Ripcharts map very closely, we decided to hitch the boat on and make the drive up to Eden from Melbourne.

We caught plenty of Albacore both on the troll and cube, saw some giant Yellowfin chasing Sauris around on the surface and landed a nice 60kg Yellowfin and also dropped another one at the boat after 1.5hr fight.

A nice little Albacore that took a Rockstar Bullet lure in Sarui colour
A nice little Albacore that took a Rockstar Bullet lure in Sarui colour

Amazingly calm weather, made for pretty tough cubing conditions with the Yellowfin being very wary of any heavy leader or hooks. We were marking fish under the boat for around an hour before we could get a bite – only after going right down to 60pd leader to do so! Hence why the bigger tuna was lost at the boat after a long fight..

A tough day cubing!
A tough day cubing!

The good water looks like it’s staying in place for a while yet, so when the weather allows plenty more Yellowfin Tuna will be caught.

The highly anticipated run of giant Southern Bluefin Tuna that make their up the NSW South coast won’t be too far off, there is a large current eddy that’s holding the fish around 250km south of Green Cape – so by the end of June we should see a good run of large fish. Long Liners have been fishing the school and already pulled several fish up to 170kg!


A couple of shots from our trip



Our mate Chris stayed out all night after cubing for Yellowfin, and was rewarded with this Broadbill Swordfish

Richie's Yellowfin
Richie’s Yellowfin