Offshore Gummy Shark Rig

This is a general rig we use in Western Port bay in Victoria and other places where you fish in current.

This rig will work in other areas, like offshore drifting, Southern Port Philip, Welshpool or any other areas with strong tides where you fish.

Key points:

  • leader can vary from 60-80pound. I like to use the Black Magic supple trace
  • hooks can vary from a single circle, to a snelled twin hook rig
  • make sure you include a loop of 15-20cm mono from the Ezi-Rig sinker slider, this just allows the sinker to sit on the bottom, but your bait to sit up off the bottom. This helps avoid so many sting-rays and snags
  • make sure you change the leaders after each session, even by-catch like Port Jackson and Seven Gill Sharks tend to roll up the leader when hooked and can cause some damage that might cost you a fish of a lifetime