Bottom bouncing rig

The most common bottom fishing rig is the paternoster rig.

Or if you want to look at some pre made ones check out the Black Magic rigs.

  1. Get your leader line


2. Fold a section to form a loop for the hook dropper


3. Loop the main line through the loop. This should be similar to starting a shoelace knot.


4. Create a gap with your finger and hold it for the next steps.


5. continue to loop the main line inside the dropper, remembering to keep the gap open as per step 3.


6. Loop the line 4-5 times on either side of there your holding the loop open as in step 3.


7. Now pull the dropper loop through the gap you were holding open.


8. Lubricate the line (you can lick the line if you like) and pull the dropper tight. You can then make another dropper on the same main line.