How to catch King George Whiting

A 48cm whiting in Metro Perth
A 48cm whiting in Metro Perth


There are several varieties of Whiting that can be found throughout Australia. King George are considered not the tastiest, but they also grow the biggest out of the species. Specimens up to 5 kilos can be found, although the average in most locations is around the 30-45cm.


Look for weedy or grassy bottoms. Whiting can be found in most estuaries and inlets. However, the bigger specimens tend to venture into deeper open water and can be found around reef systems.

GPS Marks around Perth:
These are some inshore spots which produce whiting. But you may have to put up with some pickers such as Wrasse and Toadies.


Pippi’s (or cockles) are a favourite bait for most fishermen, but prawns work fine too.

If you’re targeting larger models, try using Pilchards fillets.


Light weight tackle is key. Consider a 2-4kg outfit to be as big as you want to go. The reason for this is that whiting have very soft lips and can suck the bait off your hook if you don’t have enough feel. Braid will also help with this.


The trust paternoster rig is a tried and tested rig for King George Whiting. Using some small long shank hooks around size 5 are a great start. If you want to improve the appeal of your bait, try a red bead just above the hook.


Burley will increase your success rate. Also, if you’re using more then one rod, consider replacing the standard long shanked hook with circles.