How to catch Flathead


Flathead are one of the easiest fish to catch which happen to also be one of the most tasty. They are bottom feeders that normally use their stealth to hunt. They rarely will turn down any sort of bait or lure if it’s put in front of them.


In the summer months, you will find Flathead moving into shallow bays, river and estuaries. You can often see evidence of their hiding in the form of shallow pits on these shallow flats.

In deeper water, Flathead can be found all year round.


Sandy and/or weedy bottoms are a favorite for Flathead.


Anything can work as bait. I have hear people catching them on old cigarette butts. But if you have a choice, try some Pilchard or something similar.

Soft plastics also work a treat.


Most Flathead, although quick off the mark, will not put up much of a fight. so you can use almost any rig outfit. Something like a 2-4kg spin outfit with some braid is a good start, especially if you intend to use soft plastics.


A simple running sinker rig is probably the best for Flathead and will also reduce the amount of snags you encounter.


Make sure your bait or lure gets to the bottom. This will greatly increase your chances of hooking a flatty.