North Mole Fremantle WA

North mole is a rock wall which marks the entry into the swan river. The proximity to the shipping lanes means you have deep water close to the bank. This spot is known for a variety or species including snapper, whiting, squid and even the occasional Spanish Mackerel or Tuna have been caught.

Even if you have a boat, this spot is worth considering especially if the weather isn’t quite calm enough to go out in open water. It actually can be more fruitful in a storm as crabs and small fish get injured in the swell and pushed into the area around North Mole. This in turn attracts predators such as Snapper.

Regardless of the wind direction, there is always a spot where you can have the wind to your back. There is a little inlet where a lot of boats and marine equipment are moored. If you time your tides right, you can easily get a feed of Herring or Whiting. Some Squid is also not uncommon.

Most people go towards the end of the point near the lighthouse to get their baits into deeper water.


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