Ledge Point & Lancelin

Ledge Point and Lancelin are two great fishing spots within a couple of hour of Perth.

There are no concrete boat ramps up there, so you need to be able to beach launch your rig. For this reason, aluminium boats are preferred. Many serious fishermen locals have old tractors to beach launch their boats. Sometimes you see these tractors rescuing the odd 4×4 which has managed to get a few waves over the back of the tailgate.

The reef system is very close to shore and can be treacherous if you don’t know what you’re doing. A good GPS plotter and understanding of how waves break is critical here. But once you have made it out the back of the reef, you have a large variety of fishing relatively close to shore.

Species that can be caught here are:

– Dhufish
– Snapper
– Flathead
– Spanish Mackerel
– Jewfish (Mulloway)
– Skippy
– Tailor
– Salmon

The large cray fishing community here makes finding potential fishing grounds a lot easier, but also create a hazard as many cray pots have a very long line which happens to float. Getting one of these in your prop can be nasty. So keep your eyes peeled for cray pots and if you have a choice, pass them on the downwind side to avoid any rope.

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